Recent Research and News

Welcoming summer undergraduate students, John Pederson and Maxwell Conte!

John Pederson is a second year undergraduate student at Georgia Tech majoring in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.  This summer, he will be working on the "Development of electrochromic materials" with Dr. Dasari.  Maxwell Conte is a first year undergraduate student in Chemistry at Georgia Tech.  He will continue his work on the "Synthesis and scale up of DMBI dopant derivatives" with Ph.D. Candidate Khaled Al Kurdi. Maxwell received a Presidential Undergraduate Research Award (PURA) from Georgia Tech.  Welcome, John and Maxwell!

Congratulations to Khaled Al Kurdi!

Khaled successfully completed his second year Candidacy Exam for a Ph.D. degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry. He presented his research project entitled “High Electron Mobility n-Dopable Naphthalene Diimides Towards Highly Conducting Materials” in April 2019. Congratulations to the new Ph.D. Candidate!

Marie-Hélène Tremblay Receives Safety Award

In the recent School of Chemistry and Biochemistry Graduate Symposium, 3rd year doctoral candidate Marie-Hélène Tremblay received the school’s safety award. The award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to safety practices and culture. Marie is currently a safety deputy in the Marder Lab and has contributed to furthering the safety culture through weekly lab improvements and clean-ups. The award comes with a $500 certificate and a glass plaque from the department. Congrats, Marie!

Khaled Al Kurdi Receives 2019 Chemistry and Biochemistry Teaching Assistant Award

At the recent Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) future faculty and teaching assistant (TA) awards day, Marder group member Khaled Al Kurdi received the 2019 Chemistry and Biochemistry TA of the year. This honor recognizes exceptional instruction and student engagement in the classroom and comes with a $500 certificate from the School.  Khaled was also recognized as a Thank-a-Teacher recipient, an initiative through CTL, which allows students to show appreciation for those who made a difference in their education. Congratulations, Khaled!

Congratulations to Hye Kyung Kim, Matthew Cooper and Federico Pulvirenti!

Hye Kyung Kim, Matthew Cooper and Federico Pulvirenti successfully defended their theses for a Ph.D. degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry. Hye Kyung defending her dissertation entitled “Work Function Tuning of Electrode Materials with Small Molecule Surface Modifiers” in July 2018. Matt's dissertation, entitled "Excited State Design of Carbazole-Oxadiazole Compounds for Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence ", was defended in November 2018. Federico's dissertation, entitled “Redox-Active Organometallic Compounds as n-Dopants and Surface Modifiers in Optoelectronics “, was defended in March 2019.  Congratulations!